TAKAFUL: Family to Family Sponsorship Project

Support a Palestinian Refugee Family in Gaza today
For $100 per month / $3 per day
Your donations go directly to needy families as direct Financial support

Contact us: 1-800-856-8147 www.refugeesupport.org info@refugeeupport.org

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Through Family Sponsorship, your family now has the unique opportunity to help alleviate the suffering of impoverished families in Gaza Strip, Palestine, and show solidarity to those who are impacted the most by the dire humanitarian crisis.

Family sponsorship is a community development initiative that aims to change lives by delivering long-lasting, self-sustaining improvements to help lift generations out of poverty. Your sponsorship will empower parents and children caught in the cycle of poverty.

With your support of $3 per day, delivered in direct monetary assistance (Cash), you are giving your sponsored family the option of sustaining essential life needs, be it food, health, education or merely coming out of crisis.

Your own family will experience the joy of building bridges with your sponsored family as you begin to build a relationship with them. Your children will learn invaluable lessons about caring, sharing and selfless kindness. You will have the option of contacting your sponsored family, and even visiting them as a show of your solidarity with their struggle for dignity, national and human rights.

Family-to-Family sponsorship aims to alleviate the suffering of impoverished families, and provide minimum support to the family unit to sustain itself.

The network also aims to help the families further by supporting education related projects that would provide an incentive for children and youth to continue their educations with the Back to School Schoolbag & Tools program and the Kasid University scholarship program. Please see our website for more details.

Click here to sponsor a family now.

Please Visit Our Website for other Projects: Back to School Schoolbag, Kasid University Scholarship Fund

The Palestinian Refugee Support Network is located in the US, Canada, Europe and Palestine. The project is being launched in the United States & Canada by Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition - New York; Al-Awda Vancouver; New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine, and Palestinian Orphan Association in Germany. Both Al-Awda New York and New Jersey Solidarity are tax-exempt, non-profit organizations in the US. Al-Awda Vancouver is a non-profit organization in Canada. Palestinian Orphan Association is a registered organization in Germany (Weisen Kinder Helfe Palestina e.V).

Our main goal is to develop the family-to-family sponsorship project (Takaful) in coordination with Al-Karmel Cultural and Social Development Association, and Hanan Cultural and Social Development Association in Gaza Strip, Palestine.

The network aims to work with civil organizations in the Arab world and internationally in order to support Palestinian refugees in their just struggle for independence, sovereignty, self-determination & the right to return.

The network aims as well to develop a solid basis for solidarity with the Palestinian people based on their national and human rights.

Al-Karmel & Hanan Cultural and Social Development Associations serve primarily children, women, youth and the disabled, especially those in the most poverty stricken remote communities in Gaza. Since 1993, Al-Karmel's main work has been focused on the economic, education, cultural and social progress and the overall alleviation of suffering in marginalized and deprived communities.

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Contact us: 1-800-856-8147 www.refugeesupport.org info@refugeeupport.org

Affiliate Organizations:
Al-Awda Nebraska, USA
Al-Awda Chicago, USA
Palestine Solidarity Group, Chicago, USA

Our Offices:
Canada Address:
34A-2755 Lougheed Hwy, Suite# 246
Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 5Y9
Tel: 1-800-856-8147

US Address:
344 Grove St. Suite 131
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Tel: 1-800-856-8147

Europe Address:
Nazim Suleiman
Weisen Kinder Helfe Palestina e.V
Tapachstrasse 89/A
70437 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel. :+49 (0) 711 872913
Fax :+49 (0) 711 873345
mobil :+49 (0) 172 2307662
e-Mail : nsuleiman@t-online.de

Al-Karmel Cultural Association
Matter land- Akaa Street
Al - Nuseirat Camp,
Gaza strip, Palestine
Tel: + 00720(8)2551022
Fax: +009720(8)2551022

Hanan for culture & Social Development Association
Akaa Street
Al - Nuseirat Camp
Gaza strip, Palestine
Tel: 00972 - 8 - 2554630
Fax: 00972 - 8 - 2554630
E-mail: hanan_association@yahoo.com

New Jersey Solidarity-Activists for the Liberation of Palestine



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