Our Roots Are Still Alive
The Story of the Palestinian People

Written by the Peoples Press Palestine Book Project:
Joy Bonds, Jimmy Emerman, Linda John, Penny Johnson, Paul Rupert
Illustrations: Ron Weil of Gonna Rise Again Graphics
Design: Leah Statman of Gonna Rise Again Graphics
Layout: Joy Bonds and Leah Statman
Institute for Independent Social Journalism

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Chapter 1 - Our Roots Are Entrenched Deep in the Earth

Chapter 2 - Zionism: The False Return

Chapter 3 - World War 1: Pledges and Betrayals

Chapter 4 - Building Zion Under the British Gun

Chapter 5 - 1936: The Palestinian Revolt

Chapter 6 - World War II: Channelling Europe's Jews to Palestine

Chapter 7 - Green Light from the White House

Chapter 8 - Clearing the Land of Palestinians: The 1948 War

Chapter 9 - The Exile: From Bitterness to Strength

Chapter 10 - Building the Jewish State

Chapter 11 - Birth of the Fedayeen

Chapter 12 - The Road to War

Chapter 13 - June 1967: Seizing New Arab Land

Chapter 14 - Palestine Lives

Chapter 15 - Black September

Chapter 16 - The October War: The Olive Branch and the Gun

Chapter 17 - Our Roots Are Still Alive

Chapter 18 - The Battle of Lebanon

Conclusion: Revolution Until Victory

Postscript: "We Shall Never Forget Palestine!"

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Published by the Peoples Press, New York, 1977.