Palestinian Political Prisoners: A Guide To Action

The Zionist state has waged a war of imprisonment against Palestinian society. Thousands upon thousands of Palestinians, activists, leaders, freedom fighters, have been held as political prisoners, detained, tortured, separated from their families and loved ones, at the mercy of a racist state dedicated to their eradication as a nation. Nevertheless, Palestinian political prisoners have been a backbone of the Palestinian national movement, persevering and remaining steadfast and firm in their commitment to the Palestinian struggle for liberation and return, and persevering despite the worst tortures and persecution to remain fighters, leaders, and activists. The valiant struggle of Palestine's political prisoners is central to the Palestinian movement for national liberation; it is the struggle of the Palestinian people. The articles and materials below provide background, analysis and current news on Palestinian political prisoners, as well as links to Palestinian prisoner support organizations.

This materials and action guide has been crafted to help groups and individuals of conscience plan and undertake events, actions and educational work in support of Palestinian political prisoners. Please contact us at or (973)954-2521 for requests, questions and further information about using these materials.

April 17 is Palestinian Prisoners' Day. However, the struggle of Palestinian political prisoners continues every day, and these materials can be used at any time to draw attention to the prisoners' cause.


Prisoner Factsheet

Palestinian Political Prisoners Factsheet - This factsheet contains information about Palestinian political prisoners, Palestinian women and child prisoners, torture and abuse, and the U.S. connection. It also contains handy tips for how readers can take action, and a space is provided for local groups to place their contact information when distributing this flyer. Please make use of this flyer - distribute it in your community, place of work, schools, universities and colleges, places of worship, and wherever else it may be of interest.


Prisoner Poster 1

11 x 17
8.5 x 11

Prisoner Poster 2
11 x 17
8.5 x 11

Two posters are available for download: Political Prisoners Poster 1 - download as 11 x 17 or 8.5 x 11 and Political Prisoners Poster 2 - download as 11 x 17 or 8.5 x 11.

These striking posters, available for download in 8.5 x 11" or 11 x 17" sizes, feature a large graphic and critical facts and numbers about the situation of Palestinian political prisoners. They can be posted in your community, on bulletin boards, around your campus, or displayed at an event or action to raise awareness about Palestinian Political Prisoners.


Click here for our ACTION GUIDE to help you plan your group, organization or individual activities to support Palestinian political prisoners.




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