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The Zionist state of Israel, encouraged and helped by Washington, has become a centre for international terrorism, wrote the Soviet army journal Krasnaya Zvezda on January 19, 1982. The facts prove, says the paper, that the activity of Israel's secret services, directed towards the realisation of the reactionary aims of international Zionism, pose a grave danger for the people of the entire world.

Exposing the activities of the Israeli special services, Krasnaya Zvezda wrote that their activities are not limited to the Middle East region, but are far more extensive. The principal line of the spying and subversive activities of the Israeli special services is that they are seeking support from all sorts of "fifth columns" of Zionism in many countries: these include the political, as well as cultural and other, Jewish-Zionist organisations.

The Histadrut central union has become the hideout of the Israeli intelligence services, continues the journal. For instance, over half of the "Histadrut advisers" recently in Uganda were professional spies. Other Israeli spies, posing as "trade union activists", have recently been unmasked in Chad, Congo, Niger, and Mali. The Israeli special services, together with the CIA have directly participated in subversive actions in Nigeria, Angola, Ethiopia, and numerous other countries, aiming to undermine the anti-imperialist line of the young states on the road of development on the African continent and to incite them to help Zionism.

After their failure in Africa, Krasnaya Zvezda adds, the Israeli spies, with Histadrut as a go-between, have tried to enlarge their theatre of operations in Asia. They have directed their efforts towards Thailand, Hongkong, South Korea, Nepal and Burma. Representatives of Histadrut have also been sent in large numbers over the Atlantic, where they are engaged in political, military and economic espionage in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Honduras.

All foreign embassies of Tel Aviv and the offices of the "Jewish Agency", the semi-official organisation of the Zionists and affiliated to the "World Zionist Organisation", which has its centre in New York and a special intelligence section, are saturated with Israeli agents.

Supported by terrorist pro-fascist gangs of the same type as the "Jewish Defence League", the agents of Agaf Modi'in and Mossad commit acts of aggression against progressive Arab and Jewish activists in the United States, Great Britain, France, Australia and in many other countries, the journal states. Numerous official representatives of the PLO have been killed by the Zionist terrorists. Representatives and citizens of the USSR in the USA have become the target of the Zionist aggressors.


"We must hit everywhere: in the country, in the Arab states and overseas. I know how to do this. I have already had practical, experience. It can be done. In this matter, I have already seen hopeless situations that have found a solution. We must strike continuously and everywhere and not merely in retaliation. If we know they are in a given Arab country, or even in Europe, we must strike in spite of all the difficulties. There is no need of a large-scale war. Suddenly, someone disappears here, someone is found dead there, someone is found stabbed to death in a European night-club. We need to find the right methods: Such operations should be carried out continuously."

Major-General Ariel Sharon; today Israeli "defence" minister, (Yediot Aharonot, May 26, 1974)


In his interview with Yediot Aharonot of January 8, the Israeli Chief of Staff, General Eytan, went out of his way to express the perverse Israeli happiness over bloodshed occurring in the Arab world and the Middle East in general, exposing also the active interest Israel is taking in such massacres. Commenting on the bloody war being fought by Iraq and Iran now for over one year which is costing thousands of human lives, Eytan declared: "It is a veritable pleasure to state the obstinacy with which these two countries are destroying each other...."


Quoting Western press reports, the Soviet news agency TASS stated on January 5, 1982, that the "strategic cooperation" agreement signed between the United States and Israel also extends to Africa.

The French weekly Le Point revealed that military cooperation between Tel Aviv, Pretoria and some African regimes, within the framework of that agreement, was studied during the recent tour of a number of African states, including the Republic of South Africa, by Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon.

According to the New York Times Israeli-South African military contacts have been raised to a qualitatively new level as a result of the visit by Israel's high ranking emissary. While in the Republic of South Africa, Sharon more than once expressed the intentions of his government to increase arms deliveries to the Pretoria regime sharply and to "coordinate major military-political actions" in that region with it. The New York Times acknowledges that Tel Aviv's position meets with full understanding on the part of the leadership of the United States and other NATO countries.

At present, the Republic of South Africa accounts for over 70 percent of the exports of Tel Aviv's munitions industry. Pretoria buys from Israeli corporations missile launchers, aircraft, anti-aircraft facilities, electronic equipment and other military hardware. An agreement has been concluded between the two countries on the manufacture of Lavi fighter bombers under Israeli licences in South Africa, which are to become the main combat plane of the air force of the South African racists. The Western press points out that the number of Israeli mercenaries, operating in South Africa and Namibia, has been markedly increased in recent years. According to the South West Africa People's Organisation, special armed Israeli detachments take part in punitive operations against the Namibian people with the racist army.

The strengthening of nuclear cooperation between Tel-Aviv and Pretoria. effected with the United States acting as go-between, is arousing particular anxiety in the world, above all in Africa and the Middle East. In exchange for supplies of nuclear technology, Israel receives dressed uranium from South Africa. According to some information, a nuclear submarine is being built at the naval base in Simonstown with the participation of Israeli specialists.


The West German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on December 20, 1981, published the latest official figures on the demographic development of the Israeli "Jewish" state. According to the report from the paper's Haifa correspondent, Israel has reached a population figure of 3.97 million, 653,000 of whom are Arab Palestinians (this does not include the Arab population in the territories occupied by Israel in 1967, where according to U.N. estimates about 1.2 million Palestinians are living). The population in Israel has grown by only 1.8% compared to 2.3% in 1980. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the comparatively small increase has to be explained by the unprecedentedly small immigration figures during the last 12 months. The latter reached only 13,300 and thus has decreased by nearly 50% from the year before. This immigration figure, the smallest in ten years, will not be without repercussions for the economic development of the country; for immigration has brought and still brings capital, manpower and know-how with it. During the last ten years immigration has decreased steadily, a development considered to be dangerous in Israel. The government, and also the broad public, are quite aware of this problem.


Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union last year was at its lowest level since the programme started in 1971. Statistics released by the Geneva-based Intergovernmental Committee for Migration and published by Associated Press on January 7, also showed that now fewer than one-fifth of Soviet Jewish emigrants plan to settle in Israel. Last year's total of 9,460 arrivals at the Austrian transit camp - first stop for all Jewish emigrants from the Soviet Union - compared with 21,470 in 1980 and a 10-year-high of 51,300 in 1979.

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