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On the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution, the Palestinian community in Washington held a rally on January 17th. The rally was attended by Arabs, Palestinians, American friends and representatives of African and American liberation movements and by representatives of progressive American organisations that support the PLO.

Dr. Hussaini

Dr. Hussaini addresses the rally.

Dr. Hatem Hussaini, the PLO Information Office director, in Washington addressed the rally and presented Chairman Arafat's greetings to the Palestinian community as well as to American friends. Hussaini also conveyed to those attending, Chairman Arafat's call to intensify informational and political activities in defence of the Palestinian Revolution, besides his greetings to all the American organisations that support the Palestinian Revolution and which also represent the lively American conscience which opposes Reagan's policy of giving unlimited American financial and military support to the Zionists.

Also among the speakers were Dr. Samih Farsoun, the President of the Palestinian Congress in North America. He stressed that the Congress supports the PLO and defends all PLO stands. He also confirmed that the Congress recognises the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Wafa Nasr, the Lebanese National Movement's representative in the U.S.A. also affirmed to the audience, that the people of Lebanon, represented by all its progressive forces, are in fact indivisible with the Palestinian Revolution and are fighting together in the same trench. Dr. Nasr assured the audience that the Lebanese people will continue this national struggle against all Zionist agents and collaborators whether in America, in Lebanon or any other part of the world.

Cables of solidarity and support from American and Arab organisations, such as the Black American liberation movement, American progressive organisations, Anti-Zionist Jewish organisations, and PLO supporters contingents, were read at the meeting. A representative of Fateh also greeted the Arab community and thanked them for their support.

Rally in Washington DC

A scene from the rally.

He assured them that the Palestinian Revolution under the leadership of Fateh will continue the armed struggle on both the military and political levels until the liberation of all occupied Palestinian territories.

During the celebrations, the Palestinian national anthem and revolutionary songs and dances were performed in addition to an exhibition of Palestinian national popular dress representing many towns and villages from Palestine.

A film about the Zionist air raid against Beirut was also shown. The community saw with their own eyes, how brutal and savage the aggression was which caused many dead and wounded among innocent civilians.

Some Zionist supporters tried to demonstrate in front of the entrance to the building where the celebrations were taking place. The Zionists tried to shout anti-PLO slogans, but the Arab community prevented them and forced them to leave.


The PLO office in the Democratic Republic of Korea organised a series of cultural events to mark the 17th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution and Martyrs' Day.

On January 1, a reception was held for the diplomatic corps and high-ranking Korean officials. On January 5, the Palestinian-Korean Friendship Society organised a mass rally that was attended by the Korean Deputy Prime Minister. The speakers concentrated on the Korean stand of support for the struggle of the Palestinian people. The PLO Representative in Korea, Abu Ahmad, confirmed in his speech the determination of the Palestinian people to continue the struggle until victory. Abu Ahmad expressed hope that the Korean problem will be solved diplomatically, and that Korea will be reunified.

On January 8, a rally was held at one of the Korean military colleges, and on January 12 the Korean Foreign Ministry held a reception in its Middle East Department that was attended by the Deputy Foreign Minister, the Director of the Arab Department, the PLO Representative and a number of Korean officials.


Libya and the Comoro Islands issued a joint communique in Tripoli on January 15, in which they reaffirmed their support of the Palestinian people's struggle to regain their inalienable national rights.

The communique was issued on the occasion of a visit to Libya by the President of the Comoro Islands.


The Nicaraguan Minister of Education opened a Palestine exhibition in Managua on January 18 in which a selection of photographs depicting all aspects of the Palestinian struggle is on display. In an address, the Minister reiterated Nicaragua's firm stand in support of the Palestinian people's struggle to regain their inalienable rights.

After the opening, a reception was held, which has attended by the Foreign Relations Secretary of the Sandinista Front, a number of ministers, M.P.S, hig-hranking military officers and members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic corps.

The exhibition was given extensive coverage in the Nicaraguan press.


A rally marking the 17th anniversary of the Palestinian Revolution was held in Valetta on January 7, as the media in Malta devoted several programmes and feature articles to the subject of the Palestinian struggle. Maltese television also broadcast Yasser Arafat's main speech on the Revolution's anniversary.

At the rally, which was attended by Maltese cabinet ministers, representatives of political parties and unions, the PLO representative in Valetta presented a gift from Arafat to the Prime Minister of Malta, Dom Mintoff.


Algeria and Togo, in a joint communique issued in Algiers on January 19, reiterated their firm support for the Palestinian people's right to establish an independent Palestinian state under the leadership of their sole legitimate representative, the PLO.

The communique also condemned the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights and the relentless Israeli aggression against Lebanon.


The Student Union of Cambridge University in Great Britain on January 19 adopted a resolution stressing that "Israel's policy towards the Palestinian people is completely unjustifiable".

The resolution, adopted by a majority of 110 votes to 81, was the first of its kind in the history of Cambridge University. The voting followed a debate organised by the Union in which a large number of students took part.


An art exhibition on the theme of the Palestinian struggle opened in Potsdam, German Democratic Republic, on January 10. The exhibition features more than 100 works by various German artists, depicting the struggle and sufferings of the Palestinian people.

Issam Kamel, the PLO Representative in Berlin, gave a short speech at the opening, in which he thanked the German artists for their solidarity with and support for the Palestine cause.

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