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The Israeli Warden of Ramleh gaol was killed on December 13, 1981 as he left his house outside Tel Aviv. The gunmen, who managed to escape, shot the warden from a passing car. The warden is in charge of a detention centre in Ramallah prison, where Palestinian detainees are held in abominable conditions. The Zionist authorities arrested a large number of Palestinians following the attack.


The Military Spokesman of the General Command of the forces of the Palestinian Revolution in Damascus issued the following communiques

No. 63/81

A special commando group operating in occupied Palestine, at dawn on 18 December 1981 planted a timed explosive charge inside one of the departments of the Israeli Army Cooperative in the Gilo settlement in Jerusalem.

The bomb was discovered at 7:40 a.m. by a security guard. The building was immediately evacuated, and an explosives expert was called in. He detonated the charge in the place where it had been found. The blast caused serious damage to the building.

Israeli security forces meanwhile closed off the area and arrested a number of Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem on suspicion of involvement in the operation. The commando group nevertheless returned safely to base.


A group of Palestinian commandos at dawn December 30, 1981 placed a timed explosive charge in the entrance of a building used by the Zionist enemy's intelligence services in the Yitzfat Nir area occupied Jerusalem.


The charge was discovered shortly before it was timed to explode, and it was defused by an Israeli explosives expert. Daily life came to a standstill in the area and in nearby vital installations, as Israeli police and border guards evacuated the quarter, set up roadblocks, and sent out patrols to search for other charges. Israeli security forces also arrested a large number of Palestinians in Jerusalem on suspicion of their involvement in the operation.

The commando unit nonetheless returned safely to base.


A timed incendiary charge planted shortly after midnight by Palestinian commandos of Special Unit "B" exploded at dawn on December 30 beneath a vehicle belonging to a member of the enemy police. The car was parked in the Talbiyeh area of Jerusalem.

The car went up in flames as a result of the explosion and was completely destroyed.

The commandos all returned safely to base.


On January 11, 1982, one of our combat units operating inside the occupied homeland broke through the Zionist security network and planted several timed explosive charges in an army supply centre in the Petah Tikva central market. The unit then moved successfully out of the area.

The first charge exploded at 7:40 am inflicting several casualties in enemy ranks and causing considerable material damage to military vehicles parked in the market.

Israeli security forces then searched the area and discovered a booby-trapped bomb which an Israeli explosives expert attempted to defuse. At 7:55 am, the bomb exploded in his hands, wounding him seriously and injuring several border guards standing nearby.

The security forces proceeded to encircle the area and carried out an extensive search, arresting dozens of Palestinian citizens on charges of involvement in the operation.


A timed explosive charge planted by Palestinian commandos from special unit "D" went off at dawn on January 11, beneath a vehicle belonging to an Israeli security officer. The car was parked in front of the officer's house in Asqalan.

The explosion, which was timed for 7 am, destroyed the vehicle and damaged the windows and entrances of the nearby buildings.

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