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No. 92/79:

Acting on orders from the General Command of the forces of the Palestinian Revolution, a commando unit on June 13, planted a timed explosive charge near a shop in the market place of Hadera, near Tel Aviv.

At 11:20 a.m., a few minutes before the charge was due to explode, it was discovered by an Israeli security guard, who informed the police. Several Israeli policemen, accompanied by an explosives expert, rushed to the scene to evacuate the market and to defuse the charge. However, the charge went off when the explosives expert tried to touch it, killing him and injuring several Israeli policemen who were nearby. The blast also caused material damage to three big shops.

Radio Israel admitted the explosion, but as usual it kept the losses and the arrest campaign which followed it secret.


No. 93/79:

At dawn on Sunday, June 17, a unit operating inside occupied Palestine planted a timed explosive charge inside a bus station for Israeli soldiers at French Hill, in the Jerusalem suburbs.

At 5:45 a.m., the charge was discovered by an Israeli who informed the police. Immediately, patrols rushed to the scene, accompanied by an explosives expert who was forced to blow up the charge on the spot because he was unable to carry it away. Heavy material damages were inflicted on the station and neighbouring shops. The Israeli forces closed the Jerusalem-Ramallah road, erected dozens of checkpoints and arrested several Palestinian citizens on the pretext of their involvement in the operation. The unit returned safely to base.


No. 94/79:

The "Martyr Lt. Fouad Aref Abu Rajab" Palestinian commando unit at 5:00 a.m. on June 19 launched an attack on the guards of the al-Azar settlement, located on the main road between Bethlehem and Hebron.

The commandos, who used hand grenades, killed one of the guards and injured several others, perhaps as many as five. The guards' headquarters were also destroyed. Israeli troops immediately erected checkpoints on the main road, checked all Palestinian citizens and arrested dozens of other Palestinians suspected of being involved.

Radio Israel admitted the operation, and as usual did not disclose any casualties or material losses. The commando unit returned safely to base.


No. 95/79:

The "Martyr Abu Hassan Salameh" commando unit on June 20 evaded numerous check-points along the road from Tel Aviv to Herzliya, where the Egyptian-Israeli meetings are taking place, and planted timed explosive charge in the courtyard of the Herzliya Country Club, which is usually frequented by high-ranking Israeli officials and their guests, and which is located along the above mentioned road, north of Tel Aviv. The charge exploded at 11.30 am, causing many casualties, and damaging the club and surrounding buildings.

Following the explosion, which terrified the settlers of Herzliya, Israeli police and security forces rushed to the site and began evacuating the wounded. They also surrounded the club and started a search operation for other charges. Meanwhile, other Israeli forces intensified their patrols on the road, arresting several Palestinian citizens in the process. The Abu Hassan Salameh unit returned to its base safely.


No. 96/79:

Acting on orders, special commando unit "A" on June 22 placed highly explosive charges inside a vehicle transporting gas belonging to the "Amsra Gas Company" in Jerusalem. The charges went off at 9.10 am, while the vehicle was parked in the Mehna Yehuda market, starting a fire.

As a result of the explosion of the gas bottles, several Israelis standing nearby were injured, and a number of shops and a nearby house were set on fire. The commando unit returned safely to base.


No. 97/79:

As part of a policy of escalating the armed struggle against Israel, on June 24 the martyr Azmi Ibrahim commando unit, operating inside the occupied territories placed timed highly explosive charges of approximately 15 kgs inside the central bus station in the heart of Tel Aviv.

The charges went off on schedule at 9.50 am when the station was packed with hundreds of Israeli troops and dozens of buses of the Egged Bus Company.

The explosion, which was heard all over the city, killed and injured dozens of Israeli soldiers, completely destroyed one bus and damaged several others, as well as the station and a number of shops around the bus station.

The area was immediately encircled by Israeli troops, and dozens of checkpoints were erected on main roads, while several ambulances were busy transferring the dead and injured; and fire engines put out the fire caused by the explosion.


No. 98/79:

Palestinian commandos from special unit "A", operating inside the occupied territories placed timed explosive charges inside the Israeli Leumi Bank in the center of Hebron, despite heavy Israeli security measures around the building.

At 9.15 am on June 26, the charges were discovered, just before they were due to explode, by frontier guards and Israeli police during one of their search operations in the area. The discovery of the charges created a state of panic among Israeli troops and all those who happened to be inside the building.

A number of explosive experts were immediately called up to remove the charges, after the police failed to detonate them. Our commandos returned safely to base.


No. 99/79:

Palestinian commandos, on June 25, placed a timed incendiary explosive charge inside an Israeli bus operating on the Tiberias-Jerusalem road, which usually transports Israeli troops between the two cities.

At 5.00 pm, the charges went off just as the bus was arriving at Khan al-Ahmar, East of Jerusalem. The explosive killed and injured the passengers aboard the bus, and completely destroyed the bus, which caught fire.

Radio Israel admitted the operation in the evening. Our commandos returned safely to base.

No. 100/79:

Despite the extensive security measures imposed by the enemy in the occupied city of Bir Shiba, one of our commando units operating inside the occupied territories on June 26, placed several timed powerful explosive charges near a guard post in the military hospital in the city.

One of the explosives was discovered at around 10.00 am by some workers, and explosives experts were called up and were able to defuse it. A short while later, however, the rest of the explosives went off, killing or injuring a number of Israelis and inflicting serious material losses.


The heroic prisoner: HANAN NAKHLEH ABDEL-MESSIEH (Um-Imad)

  • Born in Lydda, 1958.
  • Obtained the Certificate of the Institute of Teachers and worked as a teacher in the occupied homeland.
  • Hero of Jerusalem OperationJaffa Road - on March 23, 1979.
  • Detained for trial by the Zionist authorities on charges of being affiliated with Fatah movement and for carrying out military operations against the enemy.
  • The Zionist authorities confiscated her family's home.

The heroic prisoner: ITAF AHMFD ATEF YOUSEF (Lila)

  • Born in Aljania Village - Ramallah Region - in 1957.
  • Obtained the Diploma of the Institute of Teachers - Arabic section. She worked as a teacher in the occupied Homeland.
  • Hero of Mahna-Yahuda Operation in occupied Jerusalem on February 27, 1979.
  • Detained for trial by the Zionist authorities. Her family's house was demolished by the Zionist soldiers in June 1979.

The heroic prisoner: NADIA AHMED AL-KHAYYAT (JAN-DARK)

  • Born in Nablus, 1958.
  • Completed her studies at Ramallah Teachers School and worked as a teacher.
  • Carried out Nathania's Operation on January 28, 1979 which inflicted many casualties on the enemy.
  • Detained for trial by the Zionist authorities who confiscated her family's home. She was charged with being affiliated with the Fateh Movement and carrying out military operations against the Zionist enemy.

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