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Kim Moller, a 38-year-old Danish Jew, returned to his home town, Arhus, capital of Denmark's largest island Gotland after a stay in Israel. Disappointed by the "promised Land" to which he had intended immigrating and particularly shocked by the mendacity of Zionist propaganda, since his return he has devoted himself to denouncing the methods used in Denmark to encourage Diaspora Jews to immigrate to the Zionist state. The following is a summary of an interview which he gave to the Kuwaiti newspaper "al Qabas" of 11 May 1979.


This organisation is the leading Zionist body in Denmark. It includes children under 10 years old, who are methodically indoctrinated with the Zionist movement's ideological principles, above all hatred and contempt for everything Arab. Children emerge with the conviction that Israel is a veritable paradise and that the Israelis are "superior beings".

The Israeli-Danish Friendship Organisation owns large areas of land which have been turned into scouts' training camps, Zionist education centres, in fact. One of these is Kro camp, located in the middle of a forest 50 kilometres from Arhus. On its outskirts there are chalets which are also the organisation's property. They are hired out to Danish people and the rent goes into the funds of the organisation, whose expenses are also covered by its members' dues and private donations. The expenses, in fact, are considerable. For these camps alone, they amount to 500 Danish crowns per person for a single weekend.

The children are subjected to real brainwashing. The Arabs are constantly portrayed to them as bestial, backward and grotesque people, and their way of life as the desert, the camel, coffee, tea and assaults on women. The slightest misdemeanour by a "scout" is strongly rebuked as being worthy of an Arab.

The Palestinians, according to them, are nothing but terrorists who want to exterminate the Jews. In order not to let another six million Jews die, the Arabs, who are portrayed as the new Nazis, must be defeated. When asked about the reasons which impel them to give children such an education, the people in charge of Kro camp reply: "We do that because the Arabs themselves teach their children that the Jews are the enemies of God and the dogs of humanity." This is what a member of a Japanese delegation which recently visited this camp declared.


"A young Jew's duty is to prepare to fight the Arabs, and the non-Jew who supports this fight is blessed by God" and "Don't trust anyone, especially an Arab" are some of the slogans which are current in the camp, according to the member of the Japanese delegation.

Kim Moller, summarizing his own experience and what he has been able to learn from other people, stresses that he left Israel with the clear impression that the Zionist movement has two faces: the first, which is presented to the Jews to influence them and encourage them to settle on Arab lands, and the second which is presented to non-Jews. The Zionist movement on the one hand fosters fanaticism and racism and on the other hand presents itself as a humanitarian, democratic and liberal movement.

Kim Moller condemns the racism of the Zionist state, which is practised not only against the Arabs, but also against the Oriental Jews. In a message to world public opinion, he has appealed for every effort to be exerted to put an end to the myth of "democratic Israel" and to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for the application of their fundamental rights.

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