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Following the award of the "Nobel Peace Prize" to Begin and Sadat, one must again note the perverse concept of "peace" used by imperialism, its media and other propaganda instruments like the Western-controlled Nobel Peace Prize Committee (whose money originates from one of the pioneers of imperialist arms industry and business).

One must not forget that the US Secretary of State Kissinger himself was awarded the prize, just while his office was staging the murder of the Allende Government and the fascist massacres in Chile, and while Vietnam was still burning under the US bombs, with the US stooge regime of Thieu preparing for fresh acts of aggression.

In the case of President Sadat, one may ask, then, what he has been awarded the prize for. For his capitulation to the interests of the US? For his betrayal of the interests of his and all the Arab people and Palestinian rights? Or for the muzzling of the press, all patriots and democracy in Egypt; or maybe even for the brutal killing of hundreds of hungry rioters?

Anyhow, nobody indeed could have been found more worthy to receive and carry the highest decoration of imperialist peace propaganda than Begin: the mass terrorist of Deir Yassin and other massacres against defenceless Palestinian villages; the Ultra-Zionist whose entire political philosophy is centered on Jewish elitism, the victory of violence and the legality of the "right of the stronger one." The "anti"-fascist, whose only lesson he learned from the Nazi holocaust is, that henceforth "Jewish blood", as he always says, should be dear and no longer be shed unpunished, while instead other blood, Palestinian, Lebanese and other Arab blood, should be cheap and shed without end.

After the award to the terrorist Begin, it will be feasible for the CIA and the Nobel Committee to envisage their next candidates for their "Peace" Prize: Somoza, the Shah-in-Shah, Smith, or maybe - ffor the "appeasement" of the people of Chile - Pinochet.


The British daily "The Times", in its issue of 28 October 1978, posed the question why Begin was awarded the "Nobel Peace Prize" commenting: "One cannot help believing that this deprives the Nobel Prize of much of its value. The most spectacular enterprise undertaken by Mr. Menachim Begin is the invasion of South Lebanon by Israel in last March: An operation which resulted in hundreds dead, most of them civilians."

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