May 2007

Political Prisoner Resource Center Launched

On April 17, 2007, Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine announced its new Political Prisoner Resource Center. The resource center, available online at, includes factsheets, posters, flyers, and other materials, as well as articles and reference materials focusing on the struggle of Palestinian and Arab political prisoners held in Zionist jails. Over 10,000 Palestinians are currently held prisoner, and one in every four Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has been imprisoned during his or her lifetime. Currently, 41 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council are imprisoned, including PLC Speaker Aziz Dweik, Ahmed Sa’adat, General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti. The Resource Center provides easily redistributable materials designed to be used and adapted by local organizations, including spaces where groups can enter their local contact information. The site seeks to provide needed information and serve as a resource for activists and students, building and supporting solidarity work that focuses on the struggle of the prisoners for freedom and liberation.

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