May 2007

Palestinian Popular Conference Preparatory Meeting Scheduled for Chicago

Palestinians in the US: Reclaiming Our Voice, Asserting Our Narrative
Preparatory Meeting Chicago, Illinois June 15-17, 2007

We call upon Palestinians in the United States to join us on June 15- 17, 2007, in Chicago to participate in a preparatory meeting for the historic Popular Palestinian National Conference, Palestinians in the US: Reclaiming Our Voice, Asserting Our Narrative. The Conference is scheduled to take place in May of 2008, to coincide with the 60 Year Anniversary of Al Nakba.

The U.S. Palestine Conference Network (USPCN) is not an organization. It is an open arena and network where Palestinian-American organizations, associations, village and town-based clubs and Palestinian individuals residing in the U.S. can come together. The purpose of the Conference is to empower us to assume a key role in realizing Palestinian national and human rights. We have an obligation to become full participants in the national struggle by developing a principled, inclusive and nonpartisan voice.

We pledge to ensure an inclusive meeting where all views are respected. We are aware of the diverse outlooks and opinions amongst Palestinians in the U.S. and we invite the participation of all community members who are willing to commit to making the Popular National Conference a reality. All participants must accept and support the Fundamental Palestinian National Principles (al-Thawabet al-Wataniyyah al-Filastiniyah):

  • Self-determination and equality for the Palestinian people
  • Return of all Palestinian refugees to their original homes, lands, properties and villages (a natural right supported by international law and UN Resolution 194)
  • End of Zionist occupation and colonization of Palestine

Application Process

Please confirm your interest in attending the Chicago Preparatory Meeting by emailing your application to or by faxing it to 703-821-1874. Applications must be received no later than June 6, 2007.

You will receive a confirmation letter with your registration status within one week of submission. The confirmation notice will contain detailed logistical information, including meeting location, hotel rates, transportation, etc. A registration fee of $50 will be collected onsite in order to cover meals and material costs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions. You may also take a look at our website, which is currently under construction, at We look forward to a successful meeting with your active participation.

In Solidarity,
USPCN Chicago Host Committee
USPCN Coordinating Committee

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